Aqua Pro Aquarium Design is a Bahrain based company that focuses on the design, installation and maintenance of bespoke luxury freshwater, reef and jellyfish aquariums. Aqua Pro Aquarium work closely with interior designers, architects and engineers to provide the highest standard in design and customer service.

Aqua Pro Aquarium is part of Aqua Group limited and was set up to compliment two existing brands operating under Aqua Group, Aqua Pro Aquarium systems supplies high quality, specialised aquariums to the retail aquarium trade internationally and operates an aquaculture facility to supply jellyfish to public aquariums and the retail home aquarium trade across the world.

Aqua Pro Aquarium employ a multinational team of specialists with experience in a variety of roles in the design, construction and maintenance of large commercial aquariums, including the supply of jellyfish. Aqua Pro Aquarium delivers excellent project outcomes by detailed-orientated aquarium design with our clients and by providing quality components, installation and maintenance options.

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